About the Joint Michigan Apprentice Program

The Joint Michigan Apprentice Program (JMAP), a U.S. Department of Labor-certified program, is sponsored by Wolverine Power Cooperative and IBEW Local 876.

Housed at the Wolverine Training Center in Lake City, Michigan, the program is committed to producing safe, high-quality journeymen through exceptional, state-of-the-art apprenticeship training.

The Joint Michigan Apprentice Program features segmented training labs and field instructions performed at a single location in northern Lower Michigan.

For classroom, lab and field training, Wolverine Power Cooperative partners with Northwest Lineman College (NLC), an industry-leading educational institution that provides pre-apprentice, apprentice and journey-level training for hundreds of companies throughout the United States and internationally. Graduates of NLC are highly regarded in the power delivery industry.

Wolverine Representatives

  • Tom Sobeck, CEO, Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op
  • Eric Baker, President/CEO, Wolverine Power Cooperative
  • Rob Shelley, Grand Haven Board of Light & Power, Distribution & Engineering Manager

IBEW Representatives

  • Sean Egan, Deputy Director of Labor for the State of Michigan / IBEW Local 876 former General Counsel
  • Mel Crawford, Business Manager, IBEW Local 876
  • Craig Edmonds, Great Lakes Energy, Lineman and IBEW Union Steward
  • Matt Monroe, Safety Specialist, Wolverine Power Cooperative
  • Joe McElroy, Director of Safety, Michigan Electric Cooperative Association
  • Kady Gracik, Loss Control Specialist, Great Lakes Energy
  • Chris Vallier, Utility Lineman, HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Co-op
  • Bill Compeau, Utility Lineman, Presque Isle Electric & Gas
  • Rich Crane, Assistant Business Manager, IBEW Local 876

Program History

Serving Michigan Cooperatives and Municipals for nearly 40 years

  • 1983 – Program founded between Wolverine Power Cooperative and IBEW Local 876
  • 1999 – Program management sponsor transitioned from Wolverine Power Cooperative to Great Lakes Energy
  • 2017 – Joint Michigan Apprentice Program (JMAP) established by Wolverine Power Cooperative and IBEW Local 876 with new curriculum standards
  • 2017 – Wolverine purchases former Baker College facilities in Lake City for JMAP training grounds

Program Overview

Curriculum Provider: Northwest Lineman College

Year 1
Climbing, working in elevated positions, safety and rescue.

Year 2
Transformers, protective grounding, test equipment, safety and rescue.

Year 3
Simulated hot (energized) work, safety and rescue.

Year 4
Electrical equipment (regulators, reclosers, capacitors, transformers), safety and rescue.

Training Facility


Classes are held at the Wolverine Training Center

  • Address: 4800 S. Morey Road, Lake City, MI 49651
  • Single site tailored for utility training
  • Centrally located near Cadillac, Michigan
  • 30,000 square foot building with 7 classrooms and 2 large indoor training areas
  • Four unique lineman training areas on the grounds and room for expansion

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