About the Joint Michigan Apprentice Program

The Joint Michigan Apprentice Program (JMAP) is a highly regarded and respected program sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Labor, and proudly supported by Wolverine Power Cooperative in conjunction with IBEW Local 876. Located within the state-of-the-art facilities of the Wolverine Training Center situated in Lake City, Michigan, this program embodies an unwavering commitment to fostering the emergence of the safest, most proficient journeymen through an unparalleled apprenticeship training experience.

JMAP takes pride in its meticulous approach, providing a carefully structured, top of the line training program that encompasses segmented laboratories and field instructions. This ensures a comprehensive and multifaceted educational journey for our apprentices, firmly establishing them as models of excellence within their trade.

In a concerted effort to provide the most comprehensive and refined training possible, Wolverine Power Cooperative has forged an invaluable partnership with Northwest Lineman College (NLC), an illustrious educational institution revered for its unparalleled industry prowess. NLC boasts an exemplary track record of equipping aspiring professionals with the requisite knowledge and expertise, catering to pre-apprentices, apprentices, and journey-level individuals alike. As graduates of JMAP, our apprentices receive unwavering recognition, positioning them at the forefront of their field, and augmenting their desirability within this fiercely competitive landscape of apprenticeship programs.

Wolverine Representatives

  • Tom Sobeck, CEO, Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op
  • Eric Baker, President/CEO, Wolverine Power Cooperative
  • Rob Shelley, Grand Haven Board of Light & Power, Distribution & Engineering Manager

IBEW Representatives

  • Sean Egan, Deputy Director of Labor for the State of Michigan / IBEW Local 876 former General Counsel
  • Mel Crawford, Business Manager, IBEW Local 876
  • Craig Edmonds, Great Lakes Energy, Lineman and IBEW Union Steward
  • Matt Monroe, Director of Safety and Training, Wolverine Power Cooperative
  • Joe McElroy, Director of Safety, Michigan Electric Cooperative Association
  • Kady Gracik, Loss Control Specialist, Great Lakes Energy
  • Chris Vallier, Utility Lineman, HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Co-op
  • Bill Compeau, Utility Lineman, Presque Isle Electric & Gas
  • Rich Crane, Assistant Business Manager, IBEW Local 876

Program History

Serving Michigan Cooperatives and Municipals for nearly 40 years

  • 1983 – Program founded between Wolverine Power Cooperative and IBEW Local 876
  • 1999 – Program management sponsor transitioned from Wolverine Power Cooperative to Great Lakes Energy
  • 2017 – Joint Michigan Apprentice Program (JMAP) established by Wolverine Power Cooperative and IBEW Local 876 with new curriculum standards
  • 2017 – Wolverine purchases former Baker College facilities in Lake City for JMAP training grounds

Program Overview

Curriculum Provider: Northwest Lineman College

Year 1
Climbing, working in elevated positions, safety and rescue.

Year 2
Transformers, protective grounding, test equipment, safety and rescue.

Year 3
Simulated hot (energized) work, safety and rescue.

Year 4
Electrical equipment (regulators, reclosers, capacitors, transformers), safety and rescue.

Training Facility


Classes are held at the Wolverine Training Center

  • Address: 4800 S. Morey Road, Lake City, MI 49651
  • Single site tailored for utility training
  • Centrally located near Cadillac, Michigan
  • 30,000 square foot building with 7 classrooms and 2 large indoor training areas
  • Four unique lineman training areas on the grounds and room for expansion

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